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Amirah is an amazing tutor! She explained complex concepts in a way that was easy to understand. Highly recommended!

Amirah Abdullah
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Ravi is a knowledgeable tutor who helped me excel in my math exams. I'm grateful for his patience and expertise.

Ravi Kumar
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Norazlan is an exceptional tutor who goes above and beyond to ensure his students' success. I'm extremely satisfied with his teaching methods.

Norazlan Ismail
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Siti is a dedicated tutor who helped me improve my language skills tremendously. Her lessons were engaging and tailored to my needs.

Siti Aisyah
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Tan Wei Ming is a highly professional tutor. He made learning enjoyable and helped me boost my confidence in the subject.

Tan Wei Ming
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Nurul is a patient and understanding tutor. She made sure I understood each concept before moving on. I'm grateful for her support.

Nurul Hasanah
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Rajesh is an exceptional tutor who made chemistry interesting for me. He provided valuable insights and helped me improve my grades.

Rajesh Nair
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Lim Li Ying is an experienced tutor who helped me master difficult concepts in physics. Her explanations were clear and concise.

Lim Li Ying
Clint Images

Muhammad is an excellent tutor who boosted my confidence in mathematics. His teaching style is engaging, and he simplifies complex topics.

Muhammad Farhan
Clint Images

Nurul Azizah is a patient and understanding tutor who helped me improve my writing skills. Her guidance and feedback were invaluable.

Nurul Azizah
Clint Images

Chan Wei Jie is a dedicated tutor who helped me grasp challenging concepts in biology. His lessons were well-structured and informative.

Chan Wei Jie
Clint Images

Fatin is an amazing tutor who helped me develop my language skills. Her passion for teaching is evident, and I highly recommend her.

Fatin Huda
Clint Images

Prakash is a highly skilled tutor who guided me through complex mathematical problems. I'm grateful for his patience and expertise.

Prakash Kumar
Clint Images

Nurul Izzati is a knowledgeable tutor who helped me excel in physics. Her explanations were clear, and she provided helpful practice materials.

Nurul Izzati
Clint Images

Wei Xiang Chen is an excellent tutor who helped me improve my Mandarin language skills. His lessons were engaging and tailored to my needs.

Wei Xiang Chen
Clint Images

Nur Hidayah is a skilled tutor who helped me excel in mathematics. Her teaching methods are effective, and she provided ample practice materials.

Nur Hidayah
Clint Images

Ahmad is a patient and knowledgeable tutor who helped me overcome my difficulties in English. I'm grateful for his guidance and support.

Ahmad Hassan
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Very Beautiful theme and great support team and fast response from author team.

Asyilla Najwa
Clint Images

Beautiful theme! (Of course, that’s why I got it). But most importantly, thank you for the quick responses from your customer support. I was finding it hard to install and customise the demo but he guided

Michelle Lee
Clint Images

The design Quality is perfect! Customer Support is the best so far. Thank you!

Clint Images

The theme itself suits my needs, but the support is the superstar that earns this theme and the team behind it a 5 stars rating. Kudos!

Clint Images

A really great theme and a great design at a low price. All in all Excellent. Best. Best wishes for rainbow team.

Clint Images

Great support, we have an issue with the theme and they solve it in the same day!! Thanks so much!!

Clint Images

This theme is beautiful, well crafted elements and the support is top notch! This team deserve everything! I recommend this 100%.

Clint Images

The theme is great and the support is even better. They helped my with installation and everything. Thank you!

Clint Images

It is a very minimal beautiful theme. I really like these types of themes. They are also very good at support. They answered almost all my questions :)

Clint Images

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Wementoor is a marketplace website for online classes tutoring. Our platform connects learners with qualified instructors for a variety of subjects and topics.

We offer a wide range of subjects on Wementoor, including language learning,busienss, web development, design and many more. Our instructors are experts in their respective fields and provide high-quality instruction to learners of all levels.

The cost of each class varies depending on the subject, instructor, and duration. Prices are listed on the class page and learners can easily book and pay for their chosen class on our platform.

Learners may cancel their class booking up to 24 hours before the scheduled start time for a full refund. Cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance may result in a partial refund or no refund, depending on the instructor’s cancellation policy.

To become an instructor/tutor/teacher, you can apply through our website by submitting your qualifications and experience. Our team will review your application and contact you with next steps if you are a good fit for our platform
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